18- Geodesic Dome

18-Geodesic Dome

I take no credit, for it was not my idea. She always said, “lend a hand where you can.” I turned 9 years old that spring and with it came the birthday party of my life. Nothing has topped it so far. My whole fourth grade class was invited and only two of the thirty-eight were not present. It wasn’t elaborate, just forty some kids in our not so large back yard with a slip and slide and a new go kart. I say forty some because my cousins were there as well as my classmates.
After the last of my friends left and the back yard was cleaned up, me helping my dad and grandpa and the go kart tucked away safely in the corner of the garage, grandpa sat me down on the couch and started relaying a story told to him when he was a boy.
He said, “I was born around the turn of the century. No one knows for sure what my birthday was, they didn’t keep very good records in those days. I went through world war one and your great grandpa was born after the civil war and his dad, that would be my great and your great, great grandpa was just a boy about your age when the civil war started.”
Grandpa got up from the chair he was sitting in and said, “Stay there, I’ll be right back, I have something for you.”
I sat and after a couple of minutes he returned and sat down across from me. He reached into his sweater pocket and pulled out a smooth silver box about three inches long and two inches wide. It had a sliding top and when he opened it I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
This was given to your great grandpa with the specific instructions to safeguard it and pass it down to the third generation and when you do, he said the man who will be my great great grandson will know what to do with it.
“That, my grandson is you.”
I carefully took the box and looked at it’s contents one more time and closed it to keep it safe. I never received any instructions about what to do with it or how it was to benefit me or anyone. It sat in my top dresser drawer for years and I had forgot about it.
Several years later I started having these dreams where I would travel to some far away location that was totally unfamiliar to me. There were people but I could never see their faces. All I ever heard was the sound of light tinkling bells in the form of musical melodies.
Then one of these people approached me and sat a few feet away. He or she, I couldn’t tell which, began to speak thru the tinkling bells. I never saw the mouth move, for there was no mouth, but I did hear the voice. This was always shrouded in a soft fog.
They said “You have been summoned here for the knowledge you seek concerning something you received a short while ago. You received a silver box containing an answer to the question your world has been plauged with for thousands of your years.”
I tried to question the the validity of this encounter and the contents of the box and what my part in all this was. Out of the soft fog surrounding this being that had summoned me to this place, appeared the most beautiful face I have ever seen since my beginning. I still could’t tell if it was a man or a woman, they just smiled and said, “Peace.”
I had completely forgotten about the silver box they spoke of until that dream.
The instructions relayed continuously through several dreams were to build a dome of precise dimensions in my back yard and place the contents of the box in the center of the dome at an exact height of seven feet off the ground and seven feet below the top of the dome. The contents were to be spread evenly on a flat square twelve inches by twelve inches and magnets placed on each side aligned with north and south and east and west. The top triangle of glass was to be replaced with a magnifying sheet of crystal. All other sections of the dome were to be normal clear glass.
I did as was instructed and when the dome was complete I observed a strange phenomenon. I sat in the yard watching the dome and listened. The sounds that were normal in the neighborhood were different. The traffic and stopped. Not the traffic itself, but the sound of it. The dogs that constantly took turns barking at seemingly nothing, were all quiet. I felt wave after wave of peace come over me as the sun drifted down through the glass and reflected up through the glass holding the contents of the box. It seemed to be coming from the dome up and out in the form of an umbrella shape and settling all over the surrounding area.
After the dome was a success, I went once again to the meeting place with those faceless entities and was instructed to replace the surrounding panes of glass at the top with the same magnifying crystals as the original, to increase the affected area. I did as instructed and after a short time I realized it now covered the city in which I lived. The reported change was astounding and could not be explained by the media. It was being reported that all criminal violence within the city and surrounding areas was nonexistent. Scientists and religious leaders could not explain the peace the city was now experiencing.
With each pain of glass replaced with that of a crystal magnifier the area affected became wider. Soon reports on a national and then global scale came in about the unbelievable peace being experienced in areas of the world that had previously been plagued with thousands of years of violent unrest.
I don’t know where my great, great grandpa got this silver box or where the instructions came from but I’m glad I was able to lend a hand in bringing about what the world has been searching for since the beginning of time. The headline in the Sunday paper said it. “Peace On Earth.”