19- Ten Minutes

19-Ten Minutes

10 Minutes is not long. Ten times around the dial or 600 ticks of the little second hand, provided the time piece doesn’t stop on you. It could happen and I’m sure it does on a regular basis. Just ask any clock repair man how many batteries he replaces in a day or how many clocks need a good cleaning to keep them running. They have to be adjusted and fine tuned to keep time accurately.
When ten minutes is no longer an accurate measurement of time then all the adjustments and fine tuning in the world have no consequences or bearing on events that otherwise seem normal. Normal in the sense of what can happen in the course of a ten minute interval.
You could read forty pages in a novel or make a cup of tea and allow it to cool down enough to sip it without burning the roof of your mouth. Two people can fall in love in a ten minute period. Battles are won or lost within the boundaries of ten minutes. One can be hypnotized and brought back in ten minutes. You see a lot happens anywhere in the world in any given ten minutes.
It doesn’t happen that way for me. It began when I was around five years old. For over fifty-five years these intervals re-occur on a fairly regular basis. By that I mean three maybe four times a year. Each incident is different but each are by far much longer that ten minutes, though each episode is marked by a ten minute loss of time as we measure it in this world. I began noting the time missed but after several of these episodes I took for granted they were all ten minutes, so why bother documenting the time spent away from this reality. Inhabiting another reality for an undetermined amount of time and return once again to this one seemed normal to me in the beginning.
I thought everyone did it. We don’t know what we don’t know.
One such incident occurred not long ago and is still fresh in my mind so I will relay to you the particulars and let you be the judge of my sanity. It has been questioned you know, my sanity that is. Though I can prove through historical facts my experiences do come with validity. Some would say I could have read the historical data and made this far reaching story only to gain fame and fortune. It is not for me to defend my claims, it is only for me to follow with as clear a mind as I can to safely travel to and return from these other places, other times.
The alpha state. Where the mind stops it’s incessant drunken rambling from worrying subject, past, present and future. Though the present doesn’t get much play time since it’s the direct enemy of the ego. The ego can’t live in the present, only in the distorted memories of the past or the wildly intoxicating possibilities of the future.
The alpha state is where all time travel and alternate universes or parallel worlds exist. It was this state I slipped into with no effort, allowing me to feel, see and hear another existence. My reality shifted from sitting in a chair in my living room to a street familiar to me though I had no recollection of being there in this life or any previous.
The street lights were white but not as bright as where I had just traveled from. Street lights are either amber or bright halogen. These were somewhat dim incandescent white. I crossed a street with a traffic light hanging down suspended by cables on four posts in the middle of the small intersection. The night air was warm and full of sound with crickets and fireflies dancing above the yards in front of the houses I passed as I walked in wonder taking this all in.
I heard music coming from an open window of one of the houses I passed. Occasionally a car would drive by. I recognized the years of these cars as being in the early to late 50’s with a 30’s or 40’s model every so often.
The question arises on sojourns such as this as to why I am here experiencing this world while I am still occupying the arm chair in my living room in the year 2010? There is no explanation for my actions or the location or time period I find myself in at the time but if I allow the scenario to unfold as a movie projector would play frame after frame it will become evident why I am here in this experience.
The traffic was light as I said watching and making mental notes of the make and models of the automobiles passing in the night. On this particular night I met no other people out walking the streets. I thought that odd taking into consideration the evening was young because the windows on the house playing music were still open and lights were on in almost every house I passed. An old couple were sitting on the front porch of the house across the street from the music house. Listening no doubt to the crickets and the melody drifting across the street.
Then I noticed a block ahead I could see a child and an adult beneath the street lamp just stepping up onto the sidewalk continuing toward me. As they approached closer I could see it was a young woman and a small boy. They both were wearing shorts and he had a short sleeve shirt on and she had what looked like a maternity top on. If she was pregnant, she was not showing yet.
It happened so quick, I had no time to think. It’s those times in a split second we react with precise movements that upon looking back we comment over coffee or tea that it was a miracle we were there and did what we did. Though at the time it is just a instantaneous reaction to danger.
Just as the woman and boy came with in speaking distance I saw from the corner of my eye the big black monstrosity approaching in what seemed like slowed down animation. I heard the loud engine sound mixed with the rubber sliding sideways across the cobble stones of the street and seconds and inches before impact I pushed both the woman and boy over into the corner yard like bowling pins in a spare. The car slammed into the light pole wrapping itself and springing free the ornament from the hood which landed just inches from the boys’ head.
The driver clearly did not make it but the two pedestrians were unharmed. They flocked out of the surrounding houses to help and I heard one say “I called the police, they are on their way.”
I walk on as I always do after one of these experiences and then the alpha state released me and as I sat there in the comfort and safety of my living room I knew why I traveled to this other world. I never asked to do this, I thought everyone did it. It was just another ten minutes.