6-The Mirror

The Mirror

Reflections in the glass of a life lived right lead to a peaceful old age. Memories will stand rising above the clouds long after the dust from life settles. I never complain about getting older or aging with or without grace. I knew all too often a life can be cut short in a split second and those denied the ability to grow old lost that God given right to stroll down the path of autumn leaves.
In my youth I searched the heavens with their stars strewn across the night sky for the answer to the question mankind never ceases to ask. Why are we here? Night after night I waited for an answer. Each night I packed up my telescope and went back in to the comfort of a warm bed and dreamed of angels and wise old souls revealing ancient pearls of wisdom.
I searched for something missing from the teachings I had received through formal schools of thought and higher education. I knew there was a teacher somewhere that had what I needed. With my journey came age and a little wisdom but mostly sore muscles, bones and joints. The body gets old, that’s about all there is to life. That is, unless your prayers are answered somewhere deep in the night between the moon setting and the sun rising.
My answer came in the form of a vision. Not a vision like a hologram parading past your pupils ever widening to take in a site too scary for the feeble to get their mind around.
This was more like a dream of being someone else in a completely different life in unfamiliar surroundings. It could be described as what you might think time travel would be like, if time travel were possible.
This awake dream like vision was not a fleeting wisp of air passing by like a breeze coming off of an otherwise peaceful body of water. I consciously began experiencing an existence, a life if you will, of someone else in another time, in another body other than myself.
Of course I thought I might be getting prepared to don a little white coat with sleeves that wrapped around and tied in the back. The perpetual self hug you can only give yourself. It’s to keep you from hurting yourself they will tell you. It’s the ultimate form of control.
I never wanted to hurt myself or anyone else for that matter. I just wanted to understand the meaning of life and why we are all here?
It was confusing at first. By that I mean I had total recollection of my current life but felt a different unfamiliar set of circumstances of another existence from another time. In this other life experience came a different past, with a different set of values and a future that held unlimited possibilities, like all futures do. I didn’t want to interfere with the direction he would take in this other life so I just observed the surroundings.
I did choose to walk outside the house and look around and he didn’t resist my desire. Turning back to look at the dwelling it was nothing like I lived in with my secluded back yard where I spent hours gazing up at the night sky through my telescope.
This was a quaint little cottage in a peaceful surrounding woods. It reminded me of a Currier and Ives painting. The garden of flowers came from around the side of the cottage and wrapped it in a blanket of soft color flowing with pink and green.
Just as he didn’t resist my desire to come outside, I didn’t resist either when he sat down in the overly large rocking chair on the front porch near the door. To my surprise I watched as he fumbled through deep pockets and pulled out a large bent smoking pipe. He stuffed it with a generous helping of very aromatic tobacco and with the strike and flare of the wooden kitchen match the pipe glowed red as the tobacco ignited. My first experience smoking a pipe was quite an adventure as my mouth filled with the sweet smoke from the moist pinch of tobacco.
It was a volley back and forth as we exchanged thoughts, me from my world and him from his. He had a young wife about to have their first child. I felt the fear and uncertainty that comes along with parenthood. I thought of my own children and their children. I thought of the joy of having your own grandchildren and tried to ease his fears. I felt I succeeded as the thoughts drifted by and a smile formed. I could feel the peace flowing like a steady stream all around him-me.
This experience lasted close to an hour. It was only that one time I experienced this other existence parallel to mine. I never found the time or country I visited in that experience but I do believe now in our ability to experience life in more than one incarnation at the same time. After all, the miracle of life is far too vast to limit it to only one lifetime or even one life at a time for that matter.
I can only try with the analogy of the television or radio station. A certain set of frequencies allocated for a station to broadcast on is one channel. Other channels exist but you can only tune into one channel at a time on the same set, TV or radio. We as humans have not yet learned how to tune into another channel. We remain stuck on the original set of frequencies or channel since birth. We may have been on a different channel in a previous life but that channel gets wiped clean upon re-entry into another life.
I believe, in dreams we haphazardly tune into frequencies we previously inhabited. The pieces from a past life seem to seek a closure and come bleeding through in night dreams and sometimes even in day dreams. The miracle of life holds a myriad of possibilities. The resistance to these thoughts from previous or other existences keeps us in confusion; swirling around and around till all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
Experiences is what we have here in life but the question has still not been answered. Why are we here having these experiences?
Maybe we live more than one life at a time.